"All human activities have three distinctive features: pattern, time and ratio - all of which observe the Fibonacci Summation Series" (R.N. Elliott - "Nature's Law - the Secret of the Universe" - 1946)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of DJIA, DAX, GOLD, CRUDE OIL and major Currency pairs

The corrective bull market is still in progress; according to the preferred scenario, the v wave of minor wave a is close to completion (for long-term scenario, see weekly chart on March 09, 2013 post, or US Index Long-term view page)


German DAX

Preferred count: getting closer to the top of Cycle degree D ; DAX is in minute wave x of minor wave z ending the intermediate wave (y) of primary wave [Y] .
Alternate count: the new bull market is already started, we are in the final stage of leading diagonal Alt:(1) (for long-term scenario, see weekly chart on March 09, 2013 post)



The fear for Cyprus's bailout and the achievement of the long-term up-trendline seems to have stopped the descent; perhaps GOLD have reached the bottom of intermediate (w) and a corrective upward move is starting.



OIL remain in a controversial scenario (very difficult to trade...)


In the FOREX page you could see the long-term scenario on weekly charts,
previous short-term outlook on daily charts, and the previous counts on 4 hours charts.


I've updated the preferred count; wave w of  b/x wave of minor degree seems to be ended, so a rebound could start.


The alternate count prevails; the top is minor wave 3 and the down move is the
first wave w of wave 4 .
The new alternate scenario; wave Alt:c is ended and so also intermediate wave Alt:(w).


The preferred scenario remain bullish; we could be in the wave 2 of wave 5 of minor degree.


The preferred scenario (very bullish) was correct: this market has moved upward in wave [v] of 1 of 1 of (1)
Alternate scenario; the intermediate triangle pattern is still underway.

(chart of two weeks ago, still valid...)

(new chart updated....)



Preferred scenario is confired; wave 4 of minute degree is ending with the completion of [c] wave of a zig-zag pattern, so the downward move will continue.

(chart of two weeks ago, still valid...)


From last post; the intermediate wave (3) is not ended, the target is between 98.8 - 99.86, where the minor wave 5 may be completed, and and this could happen as early as next week.
Preferred scenario; we could be in the wave 2 of wave 5 of minor degree of intermediate wave (3) .
Alternate scenario (neutral/bearish); the wave 5 is already finished and so still the intermediate wave (3) ; now we are in the wave a/w of w. (4)

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