"All human activities have three distinctive features: pattern, time and ratio - all of which observe the Fibonacci Summation Series" (R.N. Elliott - "Nature's Law - the Secret of the Universe" - 1946)

US Stocks

16 August, 2013

I apologize for not having updated this page.

In the meantime:

29 July: Sold BIIB in loss - 5%
              Bought DDD @ 48.27

30 July: Sold DDD in loss - 5%

01 August: Bought VRX @ 94.16

05 August: Bought SLM @ 25.15

8 August: Sold GMCR in loss - 4%

15 August:  Sold KKD + 43%, LNKD + 15%, ACT + 6%

23 July, 2013

Yesterday I bought  GMCR @ 74.80  and ACT @ 127.58

Now my US Stock Portfolio becomes: LNKD, BIIB, KKD, GMCR, ACT.

ElwaveSurfer 23.07.2013


See 22 July, 2013 post

Last Friday (19.07.2013) I bought BIIB @ 228.10 and LNKD @ 203 ;
always open KKD , bought on April 9  (after my report of April 7 on StockTwits) that I had not closed by mistake (this stock had gone in stop loss but I had not placed in the Broker's platform (!!!), which proves that in trading, as in life, we also need a lot of luck considering that it gains + 30%...)

(with CanSlim Composite Rating, 0 minimum - 99 maximum)

I'm looking for a long position, on flat base pattern breakout, about these leading stocks:

TRIP 99, VRX 99, QCOR 99, ILMN 98, GMCR 97, LL 97, ACT 97, PRLB 97, SLCA 97, AWAY 96, FLT 96

ElwaveSurfer 22.07.2013
04 April, 2013
 Yesterday sold CAR and GMCR in stop loss (-3%).




BOUGHT CAR @ 28.50.

GMCR - Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
 Composite Rating = 98/100; EPS 99/100; RS 98/100; INDRS = B; SMR = A; A/D = A
BUY POINT = 56.40 $

Composite rating 97/100 , EPS = 99/100, RS=96/100; INDRS = C; SMR = A; A/D = A
BUY POINT = 184.25 $
 Comp Rat 99/100, EPS = 80/100; RS = 94/100; INDRS = A; SMR = B; A/D = B
Cup with Handle pattern = BUY POINT = 43.10 $

COMP Rat di 92/100; EPS 82/100, RS = 88/100; INDRS = C; SMR = A; A/D = B
Ascending triangle; BUY POINT = 39.80 $


Outsider, BUY POINT = 197.70 $



Febraury 21th , 2013

Yesterday close the last long positions:
OCN @ 39.20 (bought @ 36.07) = + 7.5%
PCLN @ 697.50 = + 1%



Febraury 11th , 2013
Friday there was a buyable gap up on LNKD but I have not purchased (and I was wrong).

Hot List for this week:

Intermediate: KORS, DDD, DHI, INVN, SODA, POL, ISRG, LPX, MTB (outsiders: C, MDVN)

Swing: AOS, AIRM, CELG, CONN, EXP, HTZ, TEX (outsiders: CRAY, EFII)

Due to illness, I have not posted last Friday but, Thursday, insanity involved FEIC; it open to + 1.5% and in a matter of seconds falls down to - 4.5%; given that I don't like stocks with these movements (among my selection factors there is also a volatility not excessive), I put a sell order @ 63 and I closed the position with a gain of + 11%. A bit of luck does not hurt me!

Now my Stock Portfolio is:




Febraury 07th , 2013

Yesterday a bad opening gap down on TRMB (-5.5%) has burned all the gain; stop and close @ 60.10 (like the entry point...)
I'm looking for entry long on LNKD.

My Stock Portfolio becomes:



January 26th , 2013

Yesterday I followed the advice of Dan Zanger (it is something I do very rarely, to invest in a stock that I have not selected);  I bought PCLN that I had posted on January 8 (see below); entry @ 682 on a round base breakout.
as it is said where I come from: the class is not water!
Great Zanger!

My Stock Portfolio becomes:



January 23th , 2013
Today I realized that for an input error in the broker platform , January 16th I have not sold the entire position (180) of CYBX but only 100 so I left open a position of 80 stocks, and by removing the order line on the platform and not checking the broker daily activity statement , I saw today only!
From 16 January the stock is collapsed and I closed the rest of position today with a loss of
 - 14% !!!

Today I sell stocks and close these positions:

BOFI: 30.85 = + 9%
HEES: 19.20 = 18.40%
EQIX: 221.45 = 4 %

My Stock Portfolio becomes:


Very interesting stocks for fundamental rating and chart pattern:

CTRX (re-entry), LL,  KORS,  LNKD  or SFUN,  MYL,  MDC.

ElwaveSurfer 01/23/2013


January 17th , 2013

Yesterday I have closed some positions:

ASGN: 22.95 = +  9%
CTRX: 51.71 = - 1.15%
CYBX: 53.36 = - 0.35% 
PDFS: 15.44 = + 4.7%
RNF: 46.16 = + 11.90%

I am ready to close other positions; too many are weak and if the market goes down, they should suffered a loss.

It is becoming more and more difficult to trade in stocks;
I may be wrong but since the market is close to a top-of-cycle I think that in this and the next quarter there will be a lot of volatility and a lot of false signals

ElwaveSurfer 01/17/2013


January 15th , 2013

Today could be a very crucial trading session; SPX can breakout or drop down.

Summary of my US Stock Portfolio built from January 2 to 9 (with the potential gain / loss for each position):

ASGN: + 9.5%
BOFI: + 6.84%
CYBX: - 0.62% (how to turn a profit trade (+ 6%) in a loss trade...)
CTRX: - 0.29%
EQIX: + 1.86%
FEIC:  + 2.53%
HEES: + 9.05%
OCN:  + 10.78% 
PDFS:  + 6.58%
RNF: + 14.57%
TRMB: + 3.82% (position born as a swing...)

(ELLI open January 8 and close the day after in loss - 5%)

I'm starting to think that because US markets is close to a Cycle Top ( D or X ) and the risk increases , the best strategy is not the short-term trading (20 - 30 days) but the swing trading (3-5 days).

ElwaveSurfer 01/15/2013


January 10th , 2013 

Yesterday a very good trade; I bought PDFS (reported on this page January 8th; see below) @ 14.75; closing price = + 9%.
It seems a good breakout with a very high volume (+230%)

Now my US Stock Portfolio is full :


January 9th , 2013 

I have forgot to update this page.
Yesterday I have bought to leading stocks:
CYBX @ 53.55 (good entry point)
CTRX @ 52.30 (bad entry point!)
ELLI @ 28.82 (VERY BAD entry point!; already close in stop @ 27.40 DAMN!)

Now my US Stock Portfolio :

ElwaveSurfer 01/09/2013  10.10


January 8th , 2013 

Even if indexes are in slight decline, several leading stocks continue to outperform.

(reported November 23th and traded without success from November 26th to December 4th, now + 23% from my exit point !) are one of the best stocks of the last two weeks.

(that I posted Saturday in my Italian blog Chartpatternstrader.blogspot.it/) has breakout the CwH pattern with high volume (+ 45% compared to MA50) reaching the new all time high.




PCLN (IBD 85, with EPS rating 99 and RS only 55)

PDFS (thinny stock!)

Yesterday I bought 2 stocks in good rally :

(@ 35.07 on pocket pivot with wolume + 140%, IBD rating 99)  
stop loss below MA 50

(@ 41.25 on flat base pattern breakout to all time high with volume + 100%; IBD rating  92)
stop loss 40.30

Short term positions.
Stop loss: slightly below the most "reliable" support close to - 5% or - 6%.

My US Stock Portfolio becomes:


ElwaveSurfer 01/08/2013


January 3th , 2013 - Mid - Session update

New long position on HEES (buy @ 16.24; 11.15 a.m.)

Some charts of my US Stock Portfolio
(only leading stocks with high CanSlim rating and in flat base pattern breakout):

Canslim Composite Rating 99/100 (Best in Group)

Canslim Composite Rating 96/100

Canslim Composite Rating 97/100

Canslim Composite Rating 94/100

Canslim Composite Rating 98/100

Canslim Composite Rating 98/100

Stop loss: slightly below the most "reliable" support close to - 5% or - 6%.

These are all short term positions (3-4 weeks) , escluding TRMB that is a swing trade (5-8 days)

ElwaveSurfer 01/03/2013


January 3th , 2013 - Update

Yesterday I bought:
ASGN @ 21.04
BOFI @ 28.23
EQIX @ 212.10
FEIC @ 56.49
TRMB @ 60.20

I start to have too many long positions, including those in Italian stocks, and will be very difficult to make a good management....

ElwaveSurfer  01/03/2013


December 27th - Update

Yesterday, in opening session, I have closed my long positions:
CRM @ 169.15 (+ 5% gain)
UPRO @ 88.51 (-1,50% loss)

In this "yo-yo market", the breakout approach is not effective, and trades in loss increase.

In the best case scenario (new bullish wave), that is not the most likely scenario, my Hot List is:
> for intermediate trading (1-2 months, - 5% stop loss): ASGN, BOFI, CHS, CTRX, CYBX,  DE, FAF, FEIC, ELLI, EQIX, RAX
> for swing trading (max 5 days, - 3% stop loss): EEFT, SIRO, MHO, TRMB, VVI, VMED, AIR, VMC, FCN

For now, I wait and see.

ElwaveSurfer 12/27/2012


December 21th - Update

Yesterday I bought UPRO @ 89.75
Portfolio: CRM + UPRO.

ElwaveSurfer 12/21/2012


December 14th - Update

Yesterday, following my EW analysis (bearish scenario) and the Chris Kacher MDM close signal (his Model moves from Buy to Cash/Neutral),  I have sell UPRO @ 88.40; fractional gain.
Portfolio: CRM

ElwaveSurfer 12/14/2012


December 12th - Update

Yesterday I bought CRM @ 160.70 and UPRO @ 87.90
(small positions)

ElwaveSurfer 12/12/2012


December 07th - Update
Yesterday I have closed MWIV (111.32).
Portfolio: all cash.

3 trade = close to 0 gain (but also 0 loss)

ElwaveSurfer 12/07/2012

December 05th - Update

Yesterday I have closed SSYS (73.50) and CSGP (86.10), following the rule "don't allow a profit position turn into loss"
My stock portoflio becomes: MWIV.


November 27th - Update
Yesterday I purchased on bullish breakout: SSYS (73.40) and CSGP (85.90).
My stock portfolio becomes: MWIV, SSYS, CSGP.

ElwaveSurfer 11/27/2012


November 23th - My Stock Watch List for the next week.

Today my first buy signal on MWIV.

MWIV: 97

My Watch List of leading stocks

(with CanSlim composite rating, where 99 is the best and 1 the worst, and potential buy signal on flat base pattern breakout):

SSYS: 99

PKG: 98

CSGP: 97

ISRG: 98

ALGT: 93

NDSN: 96

PATK: 99

MSG: 99

Also interesting: MA, ASGN, FNV.

Most leaders are thinner stocks so I will open small long positions.

Good trading!

ElwaveSurfer  11/23/2012


November 3th - My Stock Watch List for the next week
Even though my preferred count consider more likely a further continuation of the bearish trend, or if my alternate count becomes the main scenario, I built my personal buy stock list of Leaders selected by CANSLIM System:
[(Composite Rating (99 the best, 1 the worst); EPS Rating (99 the best, 1 the worst);
RS Rating (99 the best, 1 the worst); INDRS Rating (A the best, E the worst);
SMR Rating (A the best, E the worst); Accumulation / Distribution Rating (A the best, E the worst)] and by interesting chart patterns.

I want to be ready if the uptrend resumes!


KORS     99; 99; 98; A; A; B + flat base (earning due date = 11/13 !)

CTRX    96; 96; 95; B; B; C; + Cup with Handle

ISRG      99; 96, 76; A; A; B; + Cup with Handle (in early stage)

PAA       94; 93; 83; B; B; B; + Base on Base  (earning due date 11/05 !)

DXPE    96; 96; 95; B; B; C; + Cup with Handle

ASGN    96; 93; 96; D; B; A + Handle base on Cup without Handle pattern

CSGP     92; 92; 83; D; B; B + Flat base


CHS    98; 95; 95; B; A; A; + Ascending Triangle (earning due date 11.20)

TWC     97; 90; 91; A; B; A; + Ascending triangle (earning due date 11.05!)

PKG      98; 82; 90; A; B; A; + Ascending Triangle

ATTU     96; 92; 98; B; A; B; + Ascending Triangle (very risk trade!)

Charts courtesy by TC2000 - Worden Brothers Inc

If and When GOLD and SILVER resumes the uptrend, I could open long positions on:


Have a great weekend!

ElwaveSurfer 11/03/2012


October 23th - Premarket

Yesterday, on the mid-session bounce, I've closed all my long positions; the decline was in an impulsive pattern and I feared a collapse;  ASR + 7%; MA + 1%; SXL 0; DXPE = - 5%.
Others leaders have fallen, such as ELLI and GNC
Better to see from outside the market developments even if I could lose a good buy opportunity.

ElwaveSurfer 10/23/2012


October 22th

Friday October 20, in the mid session, I was sorely tempted to close all my long positions because the down move shoved an impulsive structure and my 3 main scenarios have shown themselves unable to interpret the market movement.
In the end, I just closed only GPS because, for the second time,  has dropped below the buy point (I only lost commissions).
My stock portfolio has a poor performance: DXPE and SXL in small loss, MA and ASR in small gain.
But this week I must not complain; luckily last Monday I sold GOOG, I avoided the collapse on Thursday.
However, there is something in the market that fails to convince me, too many leaders have collapsed this week or Friday also with strong volume; AAPL, ALXN, ALGN, MLNX, SWI, CELG, PNRA, LOPE, LULU, PCYC, XXIA, .....
This is a bad sign...

ElwaveSurfer 10/22/2012


October 19th - Pre-market

Yesterday Chris Kacher MDM model turn to SELL after GOOG selloff.
I am ready to close all my long position.

ElwaveSurfer 10/19/2012


October 16th - Update on close.
Yesterday stop loss on GOOG (-4%); bad trade from the beginning, created as swing and taking too long, in this case the rule of five days is essential;
today stop-loss on GWW (-5%); big mistake, I had noted the third-quarter earnings  for October 18 instead of today!!!)

Today buy signal on DXPE and SXL.

ElwaveSurfer 10/16/2012


October 14th - Update

My stock list for this week:

> intermediate: CTRX,  ELLI , GNC, DXPE, CRM

Also interesting: SXL or BCEI

TAYC (very risky, but beautiful chart)

When Gold will resume its uptrend: GLD and GOLD or ANV.

> swing: VASC

Have a great trading day and week!

ElwaveSurfer 10/14/2012


October 12th- Update on close

My Us stock portfolio (about 15% of my assets) is down on average of -4%.
It 's my worst week of this year.
Only GWW is up; MA, GPS, ASR, GOOG, all down.
I'm waiting for pullback to close some position; this "hope" is dangerous in this market...
technically, all these positions must already be closed!

ElwaveSurfer 10/12/2012

October 09th- Update on close

Bad day.
I consider this a "yellow light" environment and that means being much more defensive in my trades.
Close to sell all my long position in stop loss (I hope that tomorrow is a pullback session...).

ElwaveSurfer 10/09/2012


October 04th- Update on close
Yesterday after a sleep on ASPS, that I had reported on 22 and 26 September (which made ​​23% in two days but I didn't buy because I placed an order not active!!!) I've purchased MA and today GPS, ASR and GOOG. I keep yet GWW.

I'm looking for: TSCO, CTRX, ELLI, CRM

and between thin stocks: MWIV, GIII, DXPE, OZRK, TAYC

ElwaveSurfer 10/04/2012
September 26th - Update on close
Also yesterday I had a lot of stops;
WAC (+34%); REGN (-2%); HCII (+ 2%); PNRA (+ 6%) GEOY (-5%)
In two days I closed all LONG positions (except GWW) !!!

ElwaveSurfer 09/27/2012


September 25th - Update on close

Bad day for my stock portfolio.
Even if the market may be close to a bottom, yesterday I had a lot of stop profit / flat signals;
sell DISCA (+7%); RGLD (+ 17%); AAPL (+ 3%); FLT (+1%).
My stock portfolio becomes: REGN, WAC, GWW, HCII, PNRA, GEOY.

ElwaveSurfer 09/26/2012


September 24th - Update on close

Sell OSIS (+15%) and CAB (+12%).

My stock portfolio becomes: REGN, RGLD, DISCA, WAC, GWW, HCII, AAPL, PNRA, FLT, GEOY.

ElwaveSurfer 09/24/2012


Stock list update September 22th
Yesterday long position on GEOY.

My stock portfolio becomes: OSIS, REGN, RGLD, DISCA, WAC, GWW, HCII, AAPL, PNRA, CAB , FLT, GEOY

I'm looking for: FIRE, ANIK, CSGP, ASPS, FEIC (yesterday pocket pivot), GPS

Very interesting also CTRX

Have a great trading week...with care!!!

ElwaveSurfer 09/22/2012


September 20th - Update

My stock portfolio:
> swing: CAB, FLT

I'm looking for these items:

> intermediate (with great cautions!!!)

> swing

ElwaveSurfer 20.09


September 18th - After close
Close CHS (+16%), EW (-1%), ACAT (-5%)

Elwave Surfer 09/15/2012

September 14th - After close

Yesterday close CBM
My stock portfolio becomes:
> intermediate: OSIS, CHS, REGN, RGLD, DISCA, WAC, EW (ready to sell), GWW, ACAT, HCII, AAPL, PNRA
> swing: CAB, FLT

Top performer: WAC (+ 30% from breakout in September 04)

Elwave Surfer 09/15/2012

September 12th - After close
Not a good day for my stock portfolio;
Sell MKC (+1%), HD (-1%), PETM (-0.5%, bad trade, I had to sell it a few days ago...), JAH (+ 7%)
Several other stocks in suffering.
Bought: PNRA and AAPL (pocket pivot)

Elwave Surfer 09/12/2012


Stock List update September 11th

Yesterday buy signal on ACAT, HCII, CBM; sell DVA
My US stock portfolio becomes:
> swing: CAB, JAH, FLT, HD, CBM

Elwave Surfer 09/11/2012


Stock List update September 08th

Yesterday I close ULTA (+7%); the recent experience of TFM (see below) made ​​me think quickly, and then I bought another stock in gap up (PETM), which is nailed by 3 weeks (I had already to sell it).

I keep everything else.

Elwave Surfer 09/08/2012


Stock List update September 07th in real time

ULTA, bought yesterday, had a gap up in today's open.



Stock List update September 06th

The market has made a good breakout, and so many stocks: ACAT, AZZ, EW, ULTA, FLT, HD.

Today: new long on EW, ULTA, FLT, HD; exit on GRA (stop loss).

My "intermediate" stock portfolio: OSIS, CHS, PETM, REGN, RGLD, DVA, DISCA, WAC, MKC, EW, ULTA, GWW (bought it for wrong order); I'm waiting for HCII and/or PNRA and/or ACAT (lost today)  , with simultaneous sell on GWW and other two or three weak stocks.
My "swing" stock portfolio (average duration 3-5 days): CAB, JAH, FLT, HD; I'm waiting for a last position amoung: CBM or PAA... or AAPL!

I've not respected one of my money management rules: "diversify but not overdo it", and this will cause some problems.
These are too many positions (whereas I have also 5 positions in Italian Stock Market) thus increases difficulty to follow them well...also because I'm a part time trader.
A lot of stress, but at least no research and analysis, management orders only .
I hope I don't go crazy.

ElwaveSurfer 09/06/2012

Stock List update September 05th

 WAC rises further , DVA breaks,  GWW falls, PCYC falls very hard (sold)
  .........   and FRAN collapses !!! (I sold in loss...from + 9% to - 2%!).

ElwaveSurfer 09/05/2012


Stock List update September 04th

Today, the indexes end mixed (Nasdaq rose 0.3% and S&P500 fell 0.1%) while almost all stocks in my weekly Hot List reported yesterday outperform;
WAC makes an excellent breakout (+ 12% from my first buy signal; + 10% from the second) with very good volume (+ 300% on MA50d);

also CAB in a swing trade (+ 2,90% from my buy signal)

Other stocks in breakout: DISCA, GRA, MKC, JAH; ready AWH, EW, GWW.

Still surprising the strengh proven by SWI and MLNX (no long positions on these leader stocks...)

I am almost fully invested (too much long positions), the risk is very high, perhaps too high, so I'm considering a possible coverage of my portfolio with a put index option and rotation between stocks (if I'm lucky that the market goes up , I close the weak positions and open new long on breakouts)

ElwaveSurfer 09/04/2012


Stock List update for this week September 03th -7th


OSIS, FRAN, PETM  keep the prices.


For the medium-term trading:

 > Close to a possible breakout: DISCA, ULTA, DKS, DVA, EW, ARSD, ACAT, AWH or better HCII (same Industry Group);

 > Stocks that are still forming a base: CTRX, GNC

 > Interesting CWH under construction: GRA, GWW, MKC, PNRA, DXPE (...low volume)

 > Also to be observed WAC, AZZ

 For swing trading: CAB, CBM, HD, DORM, FLT, JAH, PAA

The importance of the stop.

Tuesday, in the end of the session, I open a long swing trade on TFM on a pocket pivot;
the day after the earnings report would come out; and even though we should never are in trading at this this (as he says Dan Zanger), looking at the increasing volumes on the hourly chart I choose to take the risk.

TFM opens with a gap breakout + 6% and begins to descend immediately; I close in a few minutes to + 3%; the risult ad the end of the day: - 6%, with volumes of 500% above the MM 50 d!

These things are not often seen, and stop always helps.

Have a great trading day and week...!!!

ElwaveSurfer 09/03/2012


Stock List update for this week August 27th -31th

OSIS, FLXS, PETM, FRAN keep the prices.


Exit on BRLI and EBAY.

Interesting breakout for REGN e RGLD (posted on August 6)

I remain strong expectations regarding  ACAT.

I lost HAIN (too fast)

In congestion AWH, ARSD, DISCK, DKS, DVA, ULTA (or) SBH, more lagging CTRX, EW, HCII

I'm also considering some swing trading positions on extra strong leader stocks: JAH, HD, PAA, SWI

Have a great trading day and week...!!!

ElwaveSurfer 08/27/2012


Stock List update for this week August 20th -24th

OSIS and FLXS keep the prices.

Last week good breakout by AAPL, BRLI, PCYC and friday by CHS, EBAY, FRAN

Interesting Breakaway Gap Up by KORS and PETM

 I remain strong expectations regarding HCII, ACOM, ACAT, REGN.

In congestion AWH, DISCK, DKS, DVA, HAIN, ULTA (or) SBH, more lagging CTRX, EW.

I'm also considering some swing trading positions on extra strong leader stocks: JAH, MLNX, SWI

Have a great trading day and week...!!!

ElwaveSurfer 08/20/2012


Stock List update for this week August 13th -17th

Stocks that are moving well are FXLS and OSIS; not so good ALXN.

Yesterday AAPL breakout Cup with Handle pattern; impressive break for RMCF

Stocks that are forming the handle in a CwH pattern: PCYC, REGN, ACAT, CHS.

PETM appears to form a double bottom

Many base patterns are still under construction:
some are strong such as DISCA, DKS, GNC, and others are weak such as AFSI, AWH, CTRX, DVA, EW, HAIN, SBH, ULTA.

Have a great trading day and week...!!!

ElwaveSurfer 08/14/2012


Update 08/09/2012

Today some interesting moves on my Hot List;

OSIS, posted on 6 August, thin stock but very fast....


HCII , too fast without pullback

TC2000 - Worden Brothers Inc



Update 08/07/2012

In my weekly hot list, interesting move on FLXS


and CHS

TC2000 - Worden Brothers Inc


Stock List update for this week August 6th -10th

There are many interesting stocks,but some still seem far from the completion of sound base pattern : AAPL, CHS, HAIN, SBH , REGN, PCYC, and...

Amoung thin stocks I'm looking for FLXS and...

Look carefully the trend of Gold : RGLD , on weekly basis, is interesting....

Charts from TC2000 - Worden Brothers, Inc.

Have a great trading day and week...with great caution !!!

ElwaveSurfer 08/06/2012



Stock List update for this week July 30th - August 3th

I've closed SAM , SPSC, WNR. Keep ALXN. I have opened CAB (ok), bought and stopped on PATK and SWKS. I was not able to return on MLNX (too fast...)

Always interesting: AAPL, CHS, GNC, and GNRC and OSIS

I'm always looking for some thin stocks very risky but with nice patterns: FLXS, ACAT, SPPI

Have a great trading day and week...with great caution !!!

ElwaveSurfer 07/30/2012



One of the most interesting stocks of recent months, with highly rated and very solid core, is Mellanox Technologies (MLNX), the Israel-based company leader in Ethernet and Infiniband networking technology; in assessments, according to the O'Neil CANSLIM method, it constantly record the maximum values (overall ratings from 97 to 99, where 100 is the top of the tops);
high profitability, high relative strength, rate of acceleration in earnings growth, leadership, institutional sponsorship.
Some months ago I tried to open a long position on this stock but it never formed a sound base pattern, which when broken to the upside, is my classic buy signal.
However, if we look the chart (do own homework is always very important!) a secondary buy signal occurred on April 19, when the stock showed a pocket pivot buy point in gap up * (around $ 43).
Then the stock peaked at $ 77.69 on July 5 and corrected until Monday 17 to $ 62.24
yesterday was earning date and insiders have bought the stocks that has rebounded + 6.65%
Why? Probably because "someone" knew that the earnings and sales report would have been better than expected
....in fact in after-hours trade MLNX shot up more than 40% because posted triple-digit profit and sales for Q2 Increases!

It's the same old story:

No regrets, it's just one of many lost chances....
learning from my mistake I can do better next time    :-)

Have a great trading day and week...with great caution !!!

ElwaveSurfer 07/19/2012

pocket pivot point is a pattern discovered by Dr. Chris Kacher (www.virtueofselfishinvesting.com)


Stock List Update for this week July 09th - 13th 2012

Good WNR, SAM, SPSC, suffering ALXN, stop loss on TCBI and SXCI

GNC had a good buy signal on June 29 but I could not open a long position and now I'm waiting for a new opportunity;

Some stocks with very good fundamentals and next to a bullish breakout flat base pattern:

 Also interesting:

Stop loss from -5% to -8%.

NOTE: the market is in upward correction that's ending, so the risk is very high;
only small positions, and the highest portion of my portfolio in CASH

Have a great trading day and week...with great caution !!!

ElwaveSurfer 07/08/2012

Stock List Update for this week June 18th - 23th 2012

The Nasdaq confirmed that a new uptrend is underway.

I'm ready to open some LONG positions

Many stocks, with very good fundamentals, could complete a bullish breakout flat base pattern;
some examples:

QCOR has already done a bullish breakout with a one day pullback, WNR is starting.

Greek elections allowing...


Stock List Update for this week 3/2012

For swing and intermediate term trading, my techno-fundamental list (chart patterns + CAN SLIM) only for LONG side on bullish breakout (max 10 positions):


Already long on: ALXN, CELG, CMG, FEIC, GOOG, MMS.

Stop loss from -5% to -6%.

Have a great trading day and week...with great caution !!!

ElwaveSurfer 01/16/2012

Stock List Update for this week 1/2012

In addition to the stocks already posted.
> good bullish breakout for GOOG, APL, CELG;
> not so good (false?) breakout for: GWR,CPO, CMG, UNP.
I also follow: AAP, RAX, MMS, MKTX.

Have a great trading day...with care!

ElwaveSurfer  01/04/2012


I confirm the stock list posted also for this week.
Items that working well: V, WRLD, BKI (excellent), ISRG;
ALXN and FEIC have broken yesterday.
The others are lagging.

Have a great trading day...with care!

ElwaveSurfer 12/28/2011


My stock list for this week, based on tecno-fundamental analysis, such as Can Slim Method by William O'Neil and The Wave Principle, is the following:
> stocks that yesterday have breakout a consolidation phase : DLR, V, WRLD.
> stocks ready to breakout: ALXN, BKI, DLTR, EE, FEIC, GCO, GOOG, GWR, ISRG, KEX, WAB

Have a great trading day...with care!

ElwaveSurfer  12/21/2011

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