"All human activities have three distinctive features: pattern, time and ratio - all of which observe the Fibonacci Summation Series" (R.N. Elliott - "Nature's Law - the Secret of the Universe" - 1946)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of several Stock Market Index

My short-term outlook, for this week, is bullish.

in the best of cases, wave 3 minute of c minor of (y) intermediate.
First alternate scenario: Alt:5 ;
Second alternate scenario: the top was wave Alt:a , so now we are in Alt:b minor wave; if this view prevails the correction will be larger in terms of time and/or price.

NASDAQ: wave [ii] is over; we should be in wave [iii] of 3 minute of 5 minor


GERMAN DAX : wave x minor of (z) intermediate is over?


LONDON FTSE 100: if wave 2 minor of (3) intermediate is not over, a new Cycle bear market could be started.

ZURICH SMI - wave a of wave (4) intermediate is finished and wave b has started.

Preferred count:  wave 4 minor of (c) intermediate;
Alternate count: we are in a new bearish wave of Primary degree.

SPX intraday update

Pullback, as expected.
Preferred count (bullish): we are in wave iii/c of [a]/[w] of y of z minor.

Have a great trading day ... with care!


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