"All human activities have three distinctive features: pattern, time and ratio - all of which observe the Fibonacci Summation Series" (R.N. Elliott - "Nature's Law - the Secret of the Universe" - 1946)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

SPX - Temporary pullback

From a month the blog is not updated every day, as a rule, because I'm very busy at work and I'm
studying  for an important public competition.
On Sunday, after the late harvest in the micro- vineyard hillside home , I suffered a sudden illness and well-known by troubling symptoms : pain in the chest , neck and left arm , difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath , tachycardia and arrhythmia .My wife has loaded me into the Suv and transported to first decent hospital in the area (30 km); along the way I started to faint a couple of times and, frankly, I thought it was over.I was in the ER all night under observation, under constant scrutiny and analysis .Luckily it was not a heart attack.The grotesque thing ? During the visit, the doctor did not even medical history (such as familiarity, work, sedentary lifestyle, isolated or repeated incident ... ) and in the analysis that has ordered has not even entered the blood sugar , cholesterol and triglycerides (in any case I pay them in the ticket ... ) so he could not know , until I told him , that my father died on the second heart attack and that I'm in pre-diabetes !
The doctor discharged me 10 hours after saying that probably it was not a heart attack but did not make a diagnosis , perhaps fatigue ( I slept 4 hours at night in the last month ) and the stress of competition ( and up to there, I arrived too ... ).
It was not a good experience, I am now at rest for a week, the week in which I should give my best performance for the public competition on 30 October ...

SPX has continued to rise according to the expected scenarios, and now seems to have reached the top of wave [3] and started the wave [4] of wave 1 of c .
The first alternate scenario is terryfing; the Cycle Top.



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  3. what you say is true, but the man is a strange animal; he remembers the true values ​​only when they can disappear....